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Teaching and academic leadership

My work focuses on integrating issues of values and international politics, and I strive to inform policies that promote the interests of actors in the global South who are often kept in the margins of the policy-making process.


Fundamentally, I want to teach bright students from diverse backgrounds—national, socio-economic, and cultural—who are interested in learning about real politics. I also find that the role of the public intellectual is central to an academic career, and closer links between the university and larger society, both local and global, are important to me.


As a leader I am energized by challenge, and find myself inspired by complex problems. I am flexible and adaptable in my processes and enterprising and ambitious in my values. I enjoy collegiality and value competence.

At Copenhagen Business School, I teach Masters Students in courses on Globalization, Governance and Development, Brand Aid and CSR and Diversity. I teach Bachelors Students in a core course on Culture and Social Theory.

I have significant leadership experience in teaching as Director of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business at Roskilde University (ISE-PhD) (2012-2018)


Before becoming Director of ISE-PhD, I was the Director of the Graduate School of International Development Studies (2011-2012).I had served on the Steering Committee for the Graduate School and participated in the evaluation committees for our internal PhD Scholarships and Guest PhD Fellowships.

PhD Supervision: 15 PhD students from 8 different nationalities


Louise Nygaard Rasmussen (2008-2011) “Catholic practices of AIDS Prevention and Mitigation in Uganda” (co-supervisor with Niels Kastfelt, Copenhagen University)


Bent Steenberg Olsen: (2008-2013) “A Global Political Ethnography of Mozambican AIDS Treatment” (nominated for the Best Dissertation in African Politics Prize, African Politics Conference Group) RU


Rachel Spichiger (2009-2015) “Women’s land rights, access to land and perceptions on land tenure in Southern Africa: the case of Zambia” (co-supervisor with Helle Munk Ravnberg, DIIS) RU


Alexandra Cosima Budabin (2010-2011) “Citizens’ Army for Darfur: The Impact of a Social Movement on International Conflict Resolution, 2004-2008” co-supervisor on committee with David Plotke, Victoria Hattam, Jeffrey Goodwin, Ronald Kassimir, Dept. of Political Science, The New School for Social Research, New York)


Masheti Blantine Wangoyi (2011-2016) “Vulnerability of men to HIV and AIDS in Kakamega: the influence of social networks of men” (with Bodil Folke Frederiksen as secondary co-supervisor) RU


Paola Colleoni (2008-) “Ecuadorian Indigenous Organisations: Reconfigurations in a changing global system” RU


Anne Egelund Ryberg (2010-2017) “Masculinity, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in Zambian prisons” (co-supervisor with Andrew Jeffersen, Dignity) RU


Mie Vestergaard (2013-2017) ”Do Not Show the Scars: The International Committee of the Red Cross in the Humanitarian Theatre of Biafra 1967-70” (with Tobias Hagmann as secondary co-supervisor) RU


Sabria Al-Thawr (2013-involuntary temporary suspension due to war) “The globalization of knowledge society and English language in the context of social change in Yemen” (with Connie Carøe Christiansen as co-supervisor) RU


Eileen Dyer (2014-2020) “Finding sustainable agricultural development options that reduce rural poverty and preserve forests in the SAGOT area of Tanzania” (with Lars Buur as co-supervisor) RU


Kirstine Strøh Varming (2014-2020) “The role of Somali networks of accumulation in shaping the processes of state formation” (with Tobias Hagmann as primary co-supervisor) RU

Sophie Henriksen (2019-) “Corporate Humanitarian Aid in the Migration Crisis” (with Sine Plambach as co-supervisor, DIIS) CBS


Pernille Bærendtsen (2019-) “Mediated Humanitarianism in Tanzania” (with Opportuna Kweka as co-supervisor, Univ. of Dar es Salaam) CBS

Lucas Kitula (2021-) “An Inquiry into Religion and Everyday Humanitarianism in Secular States: The Case of Tanzania” (with Consolata Sulley and Nandera Mhando as primary co-supervisors) University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Valentina Massone (2023-) “Queer to Queer Humanitarianism: Identity, activism and transnational benevolence among LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers in Rome and Copenhagen” (with Ninna Nyberg Sørensen as co-supervisor)

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